Be Prepared for Winter with Fox Ann Arbor Acura

The winter months are approaching, and that means drivers around Sylvania and Novi need to be prepared for what's coming. There's no better way to do that than with the factory-certified technicians at Fox Ann Arbor Acura. Winter prep may seem like one of those things that's easy to pass off as just "something extra," but it can actually be quite essential to your safety. Ann Arbor gets around 43 inches of snow on average each year, so you'll always get your money's worth with our winter prep.

Things You Can Do

There are several checks you can do on your end to ensure you are prepared to face the winter weather before you come into our service center. The first thing you need to examine is the integrity of your tires. If it's been a while since you last changed yours and the tread is becoming worn, you'll need to get them replaced. Having tires with poor tread is incredibly dangerous and can easily cause you to lose control over icy surfaces.

It's also important to check the levels of your wiper fluid and engine coolant, ensuring that you have the proper ratio of antifreeze to water (which is generally around 60 percent antifreeze to 40 percent water). Also, check up on your engine oil levels and get it changed if need be. Lastly, check up on the status of your wiper blades, as dirty roads are quite common after a snowfall.

Things to Keep in Your Car

In case the worst should happen, and you find yourself stranded in the middle of a blizzard, you'll want to keep a few crucial necessities in your car. A blanket and winter gear such as gloves and a hat are priority number one, as it is vital that you be able to stay warm. A first aid kit in case of injury and food items, such as energy bars and bottled water are also important as you never know when help will arrive.

If you are in a situation where you can dig yourself out, having a snowbrush, shovel, ice scraper, and ice melt is key.

See Us Today

Once you've run over your winter prep checklist and find yourself needing anything to be replaced, stop by Fox Ann Arbor Acura, and our team of factory-certified technicians will take care of you. Schedule your service appointment today and be sure to check out our regularly rotating service specials to help save you money.

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